Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In the library, last time to use the internet frivolously for a while...

My bags have been packed for about 10 hours now.
All my plane tickets are booked and printed.
There is at least one night at a hostel booked in each place I am heading to.

I think I am ready to step into homelessness.

The itinerary:

  • Tasmania: Launceston, Overland Track between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair, Hobart. Hope to see: massive trees and people with six fingers
  • Back to Sydney for Homebake music festival. Hope to see: Craig Nicholls play a gig without smashing his guitar
  • On to Fiji: Nadi and hopefully some more of its 303 islands. Hope to see: cocktails with miniature umbrellas on the beach while I celebrate turning 21
  • East Coast: Cairns, Cape Trib, Whitsundays, Fraser island (or at least that's the vague plan). Hope to see: Hannah avoid sunburn, pretty fish, a dingo, amongst other things.
  • Back to Sydney for NYE. Hope to see: fireworks over the harbour and the sun come up on a beach somewhere then head back to the airport for
  • New Zealand: north and south islands. Hope to see: Hannah doing the haka, a kiwi bird and more of their drink driving adverts
  • Back to Sydney to figure out something to do with my remaining 3 weeks of holiday/ get a job because I have run out of money.

Hopefully I will manage to keep you updated as the plan progresses.

For now, stay safe. And let's hope I make my 8am flight to Launceston (hilariously dubbed 'Inceston' by a southern Tassie) tomorrow morning.

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