Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I've jumped on the blog bandwagon

This is just a very brief opening as I really am supposed to be writing 4000 words on the proposal for a treaty with Aboriginal Australians (or are they Australian Aboriginals? Michael Mansell can be quite infuriating). Instead of doing that, though, it's approaching midnight and I am sat half in pyjamas with a party hat on my head at a jaunty angle.

Two things of note happened today:

1. It was my flat mate Lizzie King's birthday. We made her a chocolate brownie meringue fruit cake which was supposed to be with cream but I overwhipped it to make butter so it had buttercream icing. For her breakfast I made her pancakes and bacon. I even slept on the sofa instead of my own bed in an attempt to not wake her up in the morning (so that we could use those party noisy blowy streamer things to optimum effect in waking her up along with mandatory awful singing and the popping of cheap 'Yellow' fizzy alcohol).

What actually happened was she woke at 6.30am, even before me, and listened for a while as we attempted to organise her surprise. Then, before we were ready, she had her shower. So there was no grand awakening.

Then we all ate cake and pancakes and drank fake bucks fizz until we all wanted to vomit.

2. I was presented with a bottle of wine as the runner up prize for an essay competition by the Young Lawyers Environment and Planning Committee. Then I think they felt guilty that the winner got $250 and a book so they gave me another bottle that they figured wouldn't get drunk (even though that's all they seemed to be interested in. Typico lawyers).

Probably one of the poorer essays I have written since starting uni. Apparently more than just 2 people entered the student category, though, so I must've beaten someone.

As a final and unrelated note, the background for this blog is a photo I took at Gordon's Bay. It is a small bay (big surprise there, I know) that is surrounded by tall cliffs and piles of rock so that you have no idea Coogee is just around the corner. There is no surf and the water is incredibly clear, if sometimes suffering from some scum on top thanks to careless beach goers. I saw a child's blue spade floating with me the other day. 

Nothing could mar that place for me, though. I think it's my favourite in all of Sydney so far.

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